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Planning for progression after course


What I would like to do next year:

I entered this foundation course originally because I was unsure exactly which element of the artistic world I wanted to pursue, particularly between fashion and film. The few months so far in following PDP and being in London, visiting galleries and watching plays has allowed me to realise that I would rather professional pursue the performance arts as opposed to fashion. Seeing Hamlet at the Barbican in particular reminded me of my passion for theater, not just screen (film) narratives. I therefore decided to research a variety of courses offered in British universities that would allow me to study both theatre and film with a balance of theoretical approach and practical learning. 


Progression Course Chart

Final Personal Statement

Personal Statement

In 2010, viewing Don Quichotte from l’Opéra National de Paris made it clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in performance; it was a beautiful meeting point between acting, costume design, music, dance and narrative. I recently saw Hamlet at the Barbican, which affirmed my passion. This is why I am attending a foundation course in Performance Design & Practice. My interest in a range of theatrical careers comes from my enthusiasm of art applied to the real world, a love for narrative and bringing across emotions and knowledge to viewers through my creations.

Having obtained the 2013 Academic Award and IB Honour Roll awards, I believe that academic skills are key assets to performing arts, balancing communication and research skills with the process of creation. I see this as essential to produce work with complex concepts. For example, I combined my research into arithmetic ability in autism with a portrait I created out of numbers. Combining science and art in my Personal Project I pursued environmental themes, creating jewellery from waste, producing a final report and achieving the highest attainable mark. In the IB I developed the theme of mental illness in my artwork and wrote my Extended Essay on autism’s link to criminal behaviour, helping me discover myself as writer.

In an ideal world I would pursue multiple careers across theatre and film. I have experience in directing, acting, choreography, photography, set and costume design and I enjoy them all! I followed my passion for acting, singing and theatre production by joining school musicals including The Sound of Music and Anything Goes. I participated in the school Tech Crew, working on sound-board management and photography for Oklahoma! and organised the school’s end of year show as script-writer, choreographer and Dance Captain. I am also currently creating an Acting & Theatre Society at UAL. I express myself further through dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and lyrical. I highly enjoy photography as a way to capture perspective, emotion and meaning in one frame; and love playing the violin, writing and horse-riding.

I developed professional interest in film and theatre because of the unique interdisciplinary collaboration between so many artistic domains. Having lived in England, France, the US and Switzerland I have become more open-minded and curious. I thrive working on group assignments as collaborative projects bring together varied frames of mind, perspectives and ideas. On a recent joint project on my Foundation course I focused on conveying to the group the importance of movement, looking back at Meyerhold’s Biomechanics. In this instance I was interested in reviewing the work from outside, serving the group as director and supported the project by composing the performers.

I often find myself leading groups, actively problem-solving and visualising ideal outcomes. I was director (and lead actor) during a theatre class performance of Faulty Towers in Grade 10, keeping actors on-track as well as planning set design, choreography, costume and props. I was elected ‘Most Valuable Player’ of my class in grade 12 and Student representative for my foundation class in Central Saint Martins, emphasising my close work with all group participants and care for their wellbeing and environment facilitating a successful dynamic.

Along with group work, I equally value independent development of ideas in taking risks and evaluating my processes. Currently in foundation I have undertaken various independent projects including one on food and traditions for which I made an edible marshmallow and fondant dress to represent the decadence of today’s consumerism; and one in which I developed a game character inspired by the context and culture of King’s Cross, London. Moving forward I wish to acquire skills in performance to develop as a practitioner by continuing my university studies in this bachelor.



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